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Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Crafty Wedding: Rainbow Recap

I suppose it's about time I started these wedding recaps. We've been married just over a month and finally back into a regular schedule. Once we got home from our honeymoon, my work schedule got really hectic, Jeff was working six days a week and I started working at the preschool as well again. So I'm juggling two jobs, my garden, general housework and still trying to pack away my wedding things. Umm, I'll get it done eventually right?

So I mentioned how our wedding reception venue changed about two weeks before the big day. One of the things we had to figure out then was how to direct our guests to the new reception venue. In keeping with our theme of bright colors, we decided to make some signs for the park. These came in handy and we have them now at our house. What I want to show here is how the spaces looked before the wedding and how all our details came together to create our rainbow crafty wedding.

A lot of people have commented after our wedding that they loved the personal touches and the simple layout of our tables. It felt like a big family dinner and not like a formal reception, which is what we wanted after all!
 I spent a couple days filling glass bottles with flowers and water. Prayed that they wouldn't all die before the wedding and loved how they looked on the tables. The wood rounds on the tables were a project Jeff had to do. He cut 100 rounds for the wedding reception.
 The sign was a last minute addition. This is going to hang on our gate outside eventually.
 Simple tablescapes meant that people could relax and enjoy a variety of flowers (courtesy Nana's garden, the farm, my garden and the neighbor's garden where no one lives).

 Our fingerprint tree was one of my favorite things we chose for our wedding. It now hangs on our wall and I love looking at it.
 In this photo you can see the paper lanterns that have been strung up. The night before the wedding Jeff and his father spent the few hours we were there to hang lanterns. We had enough lanterns to help with the ambiance of the space (plus they were pretty fun).
 In the church the only decorating we did were these bottles and a piece of lace from my mom's wedding.

When I think back and look at the pictures from our wedding, I am struck by all the color we managed to get into our decor. I know there's not much of a story here right now, but I'll get to that when I start to share our day. I do have a voice...I think. ;)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

I know it's a day late, but I forgot to do it last night. See I spent an hour reading and researching a food fad. So today it was a bit cooler and I thought that I should layer it up. What I am noticing here is the fact that my little boots and my skinny jeans make me look stumpy. This is the problem I have with skinny jeans and cooler weather. I love my little black boots (that have a crocheted cuff) and they are comfy, but it just doesn't work with my jeans tucked into them. I suppose I should just wear different boots or different jeans, but it kind of sucks that I can only wear these boots with tights and a cute dress. I'll do better next time, I think.

I was looking up information about eating paleo last night. Paleo dieting (although it's not much of a diet) is eating natural foods and cutting out grains, sugars, dairy and processed food. Eating a heavy carb-based diet like we do just basically means we aren't eating as much of the good stuff as we should be eating. I found a website that is about going paleo for 30 days (Whole 30) and did a lot of reading. I think a 30 day trial is a good way to cleanse our bodies and to reset our eating habits. So today I tried out a couple of paleo options for Jeff's breakfasts- made egg cups with veggies and ham slices for the freezer. What I think will be the difficult part is finding enough food for Jeff to make it through the work day. He eats breakfast here, has morning tea (breakfast bar), lunch is leftovers, afternoon tea (homemade cookies) and a snack when he gets home before dinner. Okay, now that I typed that all out, I just realized how much food this man eats during one day. Good grief. So we need to overhaul our diet. I don't think we'll be able to give up all the other foods forever (hello, cheese and bread) but I think we can get our diets under control and slowly introduce some of this back into what we eat. Plus I think it would be great to see how I do without all the foods that make me dash for the toilet (gluten, grains, dairy).

So for the next week I will be researching, compiling recipes and re-organizing our pantry in preparation for grocery shopping and a complete 180 degree turn-around in our kitchen. I've got my work cut out for me.

So have you ever done something drastic like this for your diet? Is there a better word to use than diet, because I'm not doing this to lose weight but to correct my relationship with food.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

I have to admit that I almost didn't do this today. I stayed home sick today and was in pajamas most of the day. But I felt better in the afternoon and decided to change into proper clothes. Well, as much as I was going to.

So I put on a skirt I made just before the wedding. It's made from a rectangle of jersey and is my dressy version of yoga pants. It's not much, but it's better than staying in my pjs all day. Next week should be better as this head cold is all but gone. I am considering pulling out my box of winter clothes though. It got chilly this evening and I went looking for some slippers, realized I have none, and then thought about my fuzzy socks. But those are packed away. So funny Korean socks it is to keep my feet a little bit warmer. I don't match today and I barely look presentable. But that's what I wore today.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

One Final DIY

As the days drew nearer to our wedding, I finished up all sorts of projects. Gifts, signage, was all done. Except one sort of major thing.
Image via: One Wed
Oh yes, flowers. Do you remember way back when I thought I could grow all the flowers for the wedding myself? Ha. That was a big fat DIY fail. Really it was. There were just so many things to do in the last seven months since we got engaged and my gardening has been pretty hit or miss this year (mostly miss). Luckily, we had a backup plan.

A few days before the wedding, we took snippers, buckets and gardening gloves in the back of my car when we went up to Jeff's family's farm. Our idea was to gather wildflowers and greenery from the farm to use for the table decoration as well as the two bouquets I still had yet to make.

Fail number 2.

New Zealand has been in a pretty bad dry summer this year...really dry summer. The North Island has been declared a disaster area because of the drought and we here on the South Island are about a week out from being declared a drought area as well. Well, all this hot, dry weather hasn't been helpful for wildflowers either. Instead we were assaulted by giant bumblebees (which have been enjoying this hotter weather) as we tramped about looking for anything in bloom.

Luckily Jeff's grandma lives at the farm and she has a great garden. She let us cut a lot of flowers from her place and we managed to find some dog daisies along a trail. We did at least get the greenery we needed.

flowers from the market
lawson fir from the farm
The next day I went to the market in town and got $25 worth of flowers from a lady. I also cut a lot of flowers from the garden next door (no one lives there, so I feel like it was okay a little bit) and every bloom from my own garden. As it turns out, this hodgepodge approach to our wedding flowers worked.

Bouts for the dads, which they didn't end up wearing.

My bouquet

table decor
The last picture here is a little preview of what we did for our table decorations...We got a lot of compliments on it and the flowers survived being cut for anywhere from 1-4 days. Pretty good, I think.

Did you flower vision come together perfectly, or did you have to make it work no matter what?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

12 Days Post-Wedding

I know I've been absent for awhile now, but let me just say that I'm back. And I'm a Mrs. now.

Image via: Stickman Couple
While I'm still not ready for recaps as I'm still waiting for pictures to get back to me, I do still have a couple other pre-wedding posts to take care of in the meantime.

I also have decided on a couple other series of posts to keep myself busy on here and will start them soon. Since we're saving for a trip back to the USA, we are trying to save money on anything we can. Food is one of those areas we can save on if I prepare more food at home. As the summer comes to an end, I am not saying no to any fruit or vegetables people offer or ones that I can get for cheap. Bottling and canning food for the winter is high on our priorities. I also am attempting to master making bread at home for sandwiches. I'll be chronicling my food attempts weekly to share with you readers.

Living a sustainable life is a growing concern for us and is something we are working towards at home. We have a lot of projects and plans for our house to make life better for us, so I'll be sharing those projects as well.

In the meantime, I'll tease you with this wedding picture of us just after the ceremony.

Personal picture

I'm really glad to be back on here and looking forward to getting back to a normal blogging schedule again. I've missed everyone the last few weeks!