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Monday, March 23, 2009

spending my time

I have been sadly lacking in my blog posts and for that I apologize. Let's be honest though- I manage to keep myself so busy that I barely have time to sit down and write a blog. It's crazy. So I've got only two days of teaching left. Two more days of math, algebra, junior high love, and obsession with Twilight. I kid you not, the junior high kids I teach are almost all obsessed with Twilight. Since the movie was released on DVD this weekend I am sure that I will be inundated with comments and conversations about the movie. UGH! I really have no desire to read those books and can't wait to be out of the situation where I have to hear about it daily. I have three books that are waiting for me to read and I can't even manage to finish a magazine, let alone get into a book! I want to be done with all the craziness of teaching and just focus on my moving problems. Problems I have with moving--

1. I have to ship things to NZ, no question about that...the lady at the post office tried to tell me there's no slow method of shipping and that I'll have to ship priority. Can you guess how much it'd cost me to ship two or three boxes of about 15-20 lbs each? Over 150 per box, if I'm to listen to the lady at the post office. So I had to search around for shipping options. Ugh. I'm still going to have to pay more than I'd like, but there's just no option about the shipping- I have to ship stuff to NZ.

2. Luggage- I have a large suitcase, but I still need to get another one. Do you know why I must get one? Because I have to bring my sewing machine to NZ and I won't ship it. So I'm getting a suitcase and packing it and then having to deal with one more piece of luggage I didn't really want to deal with. But again, it must be done.

3. I have to fly from Chicago to LA. Since I booked my flights separately I have to deal with the new domestic flight laws. So I don't get any free checked luggage on my flight from Chicago to I'm sure I'll get hassle from the airline and have to deal with them as well and part with some money to get my two checked pieces of luggage. Fun times.

I've only got 21 days left in the US and I can't believe how much I have to do. I better get busy! There's so much to finish. I'm also taking a short trip to Texas this week. I get to see Stephen, my brother, graduate from Basic Training and just enjoy a short vaca before I come back to IL and go crazy for about two weeks before heading out. So I'm going to head to bed now and try to sleep before starting my last two days of teaching.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

blustery inside and out...

I feel blustery lately. So much is happening in such a short time that there are definitely times where I feel like a wild spring wind.

I have a list of things to do before I fly away from here. It's a typed list that is two pages long. Seriously, what have I been doing the last four months? Nothing apparently! That's not true though, I have been doing things, but now it's down to crunch time before I uproot again. It always happens this way. I save a whole bunch of things to do until the last month or so I'm in a place. So it's nothing new to me. The difference this time is I have absolutely no idea when I'll come back. I know my visa is for a year, but I'm packing up like I'm never coming back to Shelbyville, IL (which I really hope does not happen!) I've spent the last few days going through everything I left in storage before I moved to South Korea two and a half years ago. It's amazing how much crap I kept. No really...I kept every single decoration from my first year out of college, all my dishes, fabric that was given to me (glad I kept that though), books--I have a tote locker full of books to go through! Good grief. I know I'm a packrat, but this is bordering on insane. So I'm going through everything I felt was important two years ago and wondering now whether it really is important (most of it isn't). I suppose it's a good thing that I'm having a garage sale before I leave, because I just have so much stuff!

I've done this before, where I have so much and then go on an almighty purge to get rid of the STUFF in my life. I feel like that's what I'm doing now. I did decide to leave one box at home- of keepsakes from high school and college (I even have a book full of my report cards and awards from grade school ---my mom is also a packrat---). I told her that when I finally settle down I'll have her send me the last box of belongings. I'm only taking with me to NZ what I need or what's important to me. I can't use those memories in NZ for my work, so at my parent's house they'll stay.

Speaking of NZ- I'm leaving in 34 days! I will get to the South Island of NZ on April 16th and on the 17th of April I have work! Well, I'll have to adjust very quickly to life in NZ. I think I can handle that though. It's the last ten teaching days that I'm unsure of my sanity survival skills! Yes, I am almost finished teaching math to junior high students. Seriously, they may be funny, but they are dense. It's astounding really. Teaching them has been very different from teaching kindergarten though, and I know I'm really just not cut out for the junior high crowd. The last week and a half we've been working on our ISAT testing. Well, if ever I doubted their stupidity, this was the breaking point for me- I now know that they really are indescribably dense. Really they are. It's incredible. I've gone over some of their work to see if they learned anything and retained anything for any given amount of time. Not a thing.

Last week before we got started we had an assembly to recognize the students who had met or exceeded the goals for the previous years' testing. Well, after the kept announcing kids who are failing most of their classes, I leaned over to another teacher and asked, "Just how low are the goals?" He just started laughing. But it's true. How low are the goals set when kids who never complete an assignment and never pass a test manage to meet or exceed goals?

So last Monday me and my brother Sam decided to take the kids from church to the St. Louis Zoo. Of course the few days before we went had been in the 60s and beautiful weather. Then the day we decide to go it's barely above freezing. So all bundled up we drive down to the zoo and walk around with 10 kids for a day. The kids LOVED it. Most of these kids haven't been to a big zoo before (some not even to a zoo) and this was quite the experience for them. Exhaustion is a mild understatement for how everyone felt when we packed up to go home. Hope you enjoy the pictures and I'll hopefully write something funny soon.