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Thursday, May 3, 2012

kitchen dreams

There are a lot of things I would like to have in my kitchen. Some are realistic, like this:
and this:
While others are a far off dream not likely to come into existence unless I get filthy rich, like this:
or this:
Let me explain though, I'm becoming quite proud of my kitchen at home. Jeff has done a lot to improve the space and build me things I need for it. He's an angel to me. The top picture here was the pot and pan rack he recently built for me. Last night? He finished fixing and priming a vintage flour mill I got at the recycle center ages ago so I can paint something pretty on it and then use it in baking. There is a plan in place to build me a hutch for the kitchen someday so the counter space can be better utilized here, but no set starting date on that. The back porch needs to be finished first since NZ decided to let winter arrive a month earlier. I think though, I want to try my own hand at building something soon, with Jeff's help. Maybe this:
A kitchen island. That would be really good to have in our house since we don't eat at the table most nights anyway. An island would give me the prep space I need and we could use the stools Jeff's dad gave us. It couldn't be as big as I want it, but we could make it work. That's something to consider as I go plant onions today and freeze my beezer off. It's cold. All in all, I'm happy here. I love our little house and the work we're doing on it. Jeff is always willing to build me something and even though I fall asleep between 930 and 10 every night (waking up at 6am is killing me) and never get as much done as I would like, I'm still content and hoping I can stay here forever. Well, maybe not in this house, but here with Jeff for sure. PS- I'm sending in my visa application on Monday, May all fingers crossed and prayers greatly appreciated as I begin waiting to see if I get a 12 month work visa or not.