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When two people sing together, they're in love; when two people dance together, they make love.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Kia Oru...or something like that.

I feel, even before I start writing this entry, that it is going to be really scattered and fragmented. So, if you thought you'd be getting a one-track blog with a completely coherent pattern...stop reading now.

Today I went on a walk with Nony. Correction, today I carried him down the hill we live on to the park. At said park we went on every piece of equipment, regardless of age appropriateness. He loved it. Then, when I was beyond tired and just wished I had thought to grab the pram out of the car this morning, we had to walk back home. Elijah was/is totally exhausted and what should normally be a 10 minute walk, turned into a 45 minute walk. He would get to a point where he didn't want to walk, so he'd just sit down and play with the dirt on the sidewalk. Then I would carry him for awhile, but he's really just getting too big for that. So then we'd stop again because I'd be tired. So now he's napping and I'm seriously contemplating it myself.

Flash mobbing- I think it's probably one of the coolest things I've seen on youtube and I would LOVE to be part of a flash mob event...seriously. It'd be awesome! This is the address to a flashmob video I just saw. It's awesome! So if anyone in Nelson wants to help out...I think a flashmob event would be freaking amazing, and I would definitely get involved. Will do research on this topic later today. Very interesting.

Korean food....mmmm. I miss it a lot these days. With Carolyn back in SK now, I feel a bit homesick for Ilsan and the good times there. I know it was time for me to move on and get out of SK, but there are still many things about Korea that I miss. But, in order to appease that, we are having korean food on Monday. So I should go to the grocery store later today to pick up the korean food items I need. Mmm...korean food.

I love the fact that I only spent about 5 dollars on fuel every two weeks. How very economical of me. Though, with the weather getting chillier every evening...I find that I put on more layers than I ever thought I would in order to go out for my dance class. Small price to pay I suppose.

I suppose that's all I've got for now. I'm quite busy with work at the Independent Theatre and work at home as well. I've also started getting involved in a second theatre company in town, so next weekend I'm ASM for a show (assistant stage manager) and just trying to get myself out there, theatre-wise. It's been good so far and I look forward to more work opportunities as they arise.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

the stranger

I feel like you are not the same anymore
you have become a stranger
it seems so strange to hear of your life
when it is so different from the one i knew.
What happened to your convictions,
were they so fickle?
what happened to the person i once knew?
who knew me better than most
but who now is a stranger to me...

he is gone.

Monday, May 18, 2009

downer debbie is in today...

I try not to be this way, but today I am. I am downer debbie today. It may have something to do with the fact that no one bought anything I had to sell over the weekend at the market. It may be due, in part, to the dwindling numbers in my bank account and the slow process of building a business from the ground up that seems to have no end of things to do. It's ridiculous really. I never knew how hard it was to build a business, and now that I'm trying to do it with no collateral to start it up (not really), no business experience, and working an unpaid internship at a theatre (which I am actually enjoying a lot, despite the no-paycheck deal), I find it harder and harder to stay cheerful. Then again, it did rain this morning when I got up and so it was already a pretty crappy day. I don't regret the move to New Zealand, I just wish things were going my way a little more than they are. I've got to run now though, and finish up my CV and write a cover letter to turn in to Spotlight (a craft/fabric store) which is currently hiring temps for inventory-taking. I need some money! UGH! Downer Debbie will be gone soon....I have yoga tonight and for one hour I will be able to put aside all the stress I have and just focus on breathing weirdly through my nose. That and stretching myself to impossible lengths to make my chin touch my thigh- not going to happen, but I'll try anyway! I spent this morning taking pictures of all my jewelry in order to start listing them on I'll post my online store address when I get that up and running, hopefully this week! Love you all, bye.

Monday, May 4, 2009

settling in and getting ideas

I'm settling in nicely here in Nelson. It's quite a lovely country and at least once a day, I look around me and think, wow. Have I mentioned that before? Yes, I think I have.
I love the fact that there are three, count 'em, three fabric stores within 10 minutes of the house. I love it! I've been working on projects and Laura has been quite helpful with design ideas (although, I feel that we're going to struggle when it comes to not buying our own creations!). We've been busy, busy bees and have been making plans for our little business venture. We are going to be attempting to sell our stuff this weekend at the local market. Getting a stall there isn't expensive and since it's going into winter, the competition isn't high. Hopefully we can make some money this weekend and start working on a following of our line of clothing. So here are a few pictures of what I've been working on and I have four other projects waiting to be sewn and a pile of projects to be cut and pieced together. I'll be busy for awhile!

This last Friday we decided to take the evening to drive to Christchurch to drop off Jesse Dart. He had been visiting for the week and as we had nothing else to do, we packed up and left after Luke finished work. Fortunately, Elijah slept most of the way there, but unfortunately, I get car sick in the back seat on the New Zealand roads. Ugh. If I have to sit in the back seat of a car when in NZ, I'm not going to see much of this country! So we got to Christchurch late Friday evening and managed to meet up with an old friend of mine. When I first got to Korea, I was a teacher by myself for a couple months, but in December 2006 I got a co-teacher. A korean gal who I got along with splendidly came to work with me for a short while over the holidays. Kowoon only stayed for a few weeks before moving out of the country, but we kept in touch sporadically since then. Once I got to Nelson, I emailed her and found out she lives in NZ as well! She met us and took us to a great korean restaurant! It was delicious and well worth the 5 hour drive. haha. I'd like to go back to Christchurch sometime and see more of the city and spend more than one night there, so at least I'll have someone I know there! Well then, I better be off now to find some dinner and make sure the fire is going well in the fireplace, because this house is COLD!