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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

two months later...

So I realize that my last post was back in November...Thanksgiving time...but there's a good reason my last post was so far back. We moved to a new house the 28th of November and have not gotten internet until today...the 27th of January. Ridiculous, I know. I was actually thinking we'd never get it, but I'm glad I was wrong!

So there's some pretty big news in my world right about now. I'm moving back to South Korea in less than a month. I got a job offer from an elementary school in Ilsan (where I know two of the former teachers) and I get to move back to my fav. city in Korea. I have some reservations about it, but know that it's for the best. With summer finally showing up here in New Zealand, I've actually fallen in love with this country and don't really want to leave. But as Laura said, she's not really sad I'm going, because she knows I'll be back...and she's right. I will likely end up here again. It's lovely, the people here are really kind and I'm becoming adjusted to a slower pace of living. However, it's for the best that I go back to South Korea for a time to sort things out financially and get back into education. I have been thinking a lot lately about that. Education, that is. I've been wondering if I'm just supposed to be teaching, and not trying to make it professionally in theatre. This marks my second attempt at professional theatre and honestly, it's not going the way I had planned it. I worked at the Indie and then it closed, there's nothing else really in town that I could do theatre full-time at and thus this year has been a struggle, both financially and morally as I've struggled to keep my morale high while unemployed. It doesn't mean I won't continue to try theatre work and do it wherever I can, but maybe it means I am supposed to be teaching and working with kids and do theatre through that somehow. It is, after all, how I got started in theatre. So over the next few months I'm going to look into graduate education programs and see what I can learn and if I can start working on a masters online in education. I've always known that I've wanted to work with kids and I do love teaching them, maybe it's about time I grow up and just do what I'm supposed to do. I'll keep you posted on this journey.