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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Summer Update

I read through my recent posts yesterday and realized that I haven't finished updating about our chickens. They have been in their new home for awhile now and they love it. I still let them out most of the day, when I get home, so they are pretty well free-range. No one needs to stay cooped up all day! I did have to train them to not go into my hot house and wreck things.

Thank you, water hose, for assisting with this training.

The holidays have come and gone, work is much the same and my garden is being overrun by weeds, yet again.

Awesome news on my business front though, just before Christmas I was asked to join the Treasure Box Collective in Wakefield. This craft collective opened a shop November 1st and they are a treasure trove of interesting people and amazing products. Seriously. I feel like mine pale in comparison. But I did sell quite a few Christmas stockings just before the holiday, so that worked in my favor. I still haven't sold any items of boys' clothing, but I think perhaps the clothing for children doesn't sell very well in there all around. I could be wrong, it could just be my stuff.

On the last day I worked in that shop, I spent time researching new ideas and writing down page numbers of my pattern books to try out for my range of boys clothing. I have quite a bit of work to keep me occupied this winter with my sewing machine!

I also start a second part-time job as a nanny mid-February. I am looking forward to getting back into childcare and can't wait to see how this job works out.

Now if only I could find my lost energy and shake this achey feeling I have had all day. I better not be coming down with the flu.