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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

it's all calming down

So I'm pretty sure I'm settled now. Life is calming down somewhat and all the new start stuff that is always stressful is all basically done. I've got my banking sorted out, got paid from my school, my apartment is decorated and even though no one showed up to my housewarming (how depressing could that get?), I'm feeling good about things in Korea right now. Well, good except for my allergies going haywire Friday and then again today. Today, mind you, was freezing cold and ended with it snowing. Who has allergies when it's snowing outside? Especially someone who's mainly just allergic to spring? Thanks Korea, thanks a lot.

But really, I think I'm done with the transition time. I thought that this time it wouldn't be as shocking considering I've done it before, but it managed to throw me off for a few weeks now. I can't believe that it's only been about 3.5 weeks since I've left NZ. So much has happened since then. It's snowed twice, I've been to Japan, I've missed my bus and gotten lost in a taxi trying to make it to work on time, made some new friends, turned my apartment into home (although I'm missing my sewing stuff something fierce...I can't wait to get my sewing box here so I can do something again!), and found some good places around my house. Next on my list- curtains. With living right at Daewha Station at a major intersection, it means that I've got neon lights blaring into my apartment all night long and traffic sounds that aren't exactly white noise. I do not have loud neighbors though, which is nice. I actually think I don't have any neighbors, per say. No one lives directly next door to me, and the other two apartments near mine are businesses, so it's pretty quiet after 7.

I bought a plant yesterday, rosemary to be exact. Not like rosemary back in the states or even like it in NZ. I didn't know rosemary could be different. But it definitely is. Here it's a softer variety. I don't know why, but it just is. Smells great though. I'm going to try to find basil and oregano soon- hoping that the big plant superstore near here has it. Fingers crossed. Because if Mina thinks that my pasta made from canned sauce is good, she's not going to know what hit her when I really cook it for her.

I'll try to get some pictures up tomorrow of the new place, but right now I have to go in search of massive amounts of tissue as my nose won't stop running and my head may explode from the pressure. Nice image there for ya. G'nite all.

Monday, March 8, 2010

and here it is...

Oh, I knew it was coming... and here it is, ladies and gents, the email from Juliet regarding my school situation...hard to determine if it's actually a threat or heavy-handed in any way. What do you think?

And....Debbie, I'm fully aware of the situation.
But our school managers don't want to miss the class.
Especially, this week is the begining of the semester.
I have no idea how can I explain to them.
I was put in an awkward position.
If you will make such this problem again, they would be never admit your mistake.
I don't want to that. ^^:;

Debbie, please don't make a problem anymore.

So, apparently all of this is MY fault. I'm not the one who insisted on going to Japan the first week of classes. That would be the school. And if I had been given more adequate time to prepare for it, I would have been able to call the consulate in Japan and find out about the 330 issue...but NOOOO. I had to rush it because the school insisted. Why, I don't know. I can't help that the consulate is closed over the weekend, so I couldn't double-check the hours, which I really wanted to do. But of course, it's all my fault.


Seriously, I can't believe my luck. It just sucks, really. I got to Japan today to finish my E2 visa for my school. Let's just start with my school. They're not happy I have to miss work to finish my visa. But they knew that. But they're still not happy about it. Not thrilled that I'm missing two days of teaching. Which I'm taking unpaid leave for anyway.

Next step- the Korean Consulate. Yeah, I'm not a fan. Ok, so when I found out I had to come on Monday (I found out Friday afternoon) I scrambled to get all the information I would possibly need for my trip here. Subway line, costs of travel, booked my flight, found a hotel to stay at. Scrounged around and borrowed money in order to make this happen on such short notice. So I thought I was ready for it all. The website I had looked up said the consulate was open until 5pm, which was good since I couldn't get a flight before 1pm. Thought I'd be ok and get my visa application in and get my visa in time to fly out Tuesday afternoon. I get to the consulate and well, what do you know, they stop taking visa applications at 330. Guess what time I got there? Just guess...yep, 345. Bastards. So I stood outside the consulate, considering crying, but sucked it up and attempted to call them, from outside. Miraculously my Korean cellphone works to call in Japan (side note- it won't call Korea from here though). So I talk to a lady in the consulate and nope, nope, nope...I can't get my visa done in one day in order to get back to Korea to work on Wednesday. Nope.

Knowing now that my school is going to hate me even more, I dreaded making the phone call I had to make. Literally dreaded it so much I made myself sick. I got to my hotel, checked in for two nights. At least I get broadband internet for free in my room. Thank God for that. Made a call to Korean Air and was able to get my flight changed without a changing fee (thank God again). But then I had to call my handler, Juliet. She's pretty much my go-between for the school. I knew it was going to be a bad phone call. She informed me that the Vice-Principal was really unhappy about me going to Japan to begin with, and I know tomorrow is going to be the shittiest day, news wise. Which means Thursday, when I do go back for work, is going to be Hellish. Pardon my french here, but seriously. I am really concerned about the relationship with the brass at school now. If they take a grudge to me about this, then this year will be horrendous. I don't like conflict and I HATE stress related to working situations. I don't do well with it. So I guess I'll just make myself physically ill until this all resolves.

I know this doesn't all seem like a big deal, but for me it is. I really don't like that I have to stay an extra day in this insanely expensive country. I don't really have money to do much of anything and I will probably just sit in my hotel for the evening now and watch movies on my computer. Though, the trouble really isn't with Japan particularly, it's with Korea...of course. Tomorrow I'll go to the consulate and turn in my visa application and keep praying to God that things aren't as bad as I think they are at Jungsan Elementary School. Can I just hide in a hole?

Last complaint...I came prepared for one night I only brought one extra shirt. Guess I'm wearing the same clothes twice. Ugh. I hate doing that.

That's it, I'm done whining. I just needed to get it out of my system. Tomorrow will be a better day. Hopefully.