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When two people sing together, they're in love; when two people dance together, they make love.

Friday, August 26, 2011

ABC's of Me

A. age: 28

B. bed size: queen

C. chore you hate: taking out the trash. It sort of makes me want to puke.

D. dogs: one adorable pain in my butt...Tai.

E. essential start to your day: orange juice.

F. favorite color: Purple all the way, although turquoise seems to be gaining.

G. gold or silver: Silver...I don't have anything in gold.

H. height: 5'4"

I. instruments you play: I played clarinet and baritone sax when I was in school...that's about it though. I do a mean air guitar.

J. job title: English teacher (for five more days and then nothing).

K. kids: I love 'em...I'd like to have 3.

L. live: Ilsan, South Korea for now, Nelson, NZ soon.

M. maiden name: I still have it, but I'm looking forward to losing it sometime.

N. nicknames: Deb, Debs, Debster, Deborama, Snake

O. overnight hospital stays: Nopers

P. pet peeve: Inconsiderate pedestrians.

Q. quote: my favorite is "When two people sing together, they're in love; when two people dance together, they make love."

R. righty or lefty: righty

S. siblings: 2 sister and 7 brothers

T. time you wake up: M-F, 6-ish...It takes me an hour to get moving and out of bed. Ugh.

U. university attended: Greenville College and currently Ashford University (Masters)

V. vegetables you dislike: It really is broccoli

W. what makes you run late: internet

X. x-rays youve had: tooth x-rays and chest x-rays. But never because something is broken.

Y. yummy food: chocolate chip cookies always top the list. Tuna melts and pasta as well.

Z. zoo animal favorite: I have a soft spot for the zebra-donkey hybrid.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Five for Friday

I'm sitting at my work desk and thinking to myself, in two weeks I won't be sitting here...:) I pretty much despise my work computer. It locks up, runs slow and generally does everything within it's power to annoy me. It wins all the time. I finished my last summer camp today. The kids are going to get their butts kicked by Juliet when she takes over the drama after I go, but we did have fun during camp. I did make a point to learn all of my camp kids by name, and use them often. That's big for me.

Okay, so I'm leaving here soon and slowly getting things done. It's absurd how slowly some things are going for me. Can't really change it though. I got Tai's kennel in the mail, and they sent me a medium instead of a large. Tai doesn't fit into a medium because of his gangly legs. Going to mail the medium back and pray that the large gets here before we have to head out. Ugh. My apartment is in various stages of clean and packed and disaster. It rotates what stage it is in. Needing prayers and happy thoughts as I wrap things up. It's a lot to do and I still have to be at work most of the time. Oh yeah, and I have a final paper to write for my class before I move as well. Oh good grief.

I really like this bracelet. I wonder where I could find something similar?

I keep this thought in my head when I start to feel overwhelmed by my big move (which is almost every day) and remember that I have a plan, I see the path before me and I am praying that things work out. Good days.

There are days when I just need is one of them. Thank goodness today is Friday.

I remember Mom always made custard pies during the holiday season (at some point) and now I want to make one with blackberries in it. Yum!

This is so very true. I never thought it was going to happen when I was preparing to go on vacation last January and certainly didn't expect it after we met. Glad I was wrong.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

What's wrong with me?

I'm in a funk still. I managed to get out of it a little bit last night while out in Seoul, but it's back again today. So let's remember the really awesome things going on right now that I should be focusing on instead of the things that are funking me out.

1- I have awesome friends here in SK. Mina, Irene and Tom: you guys rock.

2- I get to start summer camp tomorrow with my drama kids. 2 weeks of playing drama games and watching movies? Awesomeness.

3- I only have 25 days before I move back home to NZ. Tom was awesome last night in that he kept referring to my move to NZ as going home. It is going home for me. A new home with my created whanua (thanks for that new word, Trish). I think it's more important to surround yourself with supportive, loving people even if they're not blood family.

4- I'm healthy and my dog is healthy.

5- I just found out that I have a place to live when I get home that can be as permanent as I need it to be. Fingers' crossed that Tai get's to live with me as well. And at only $92 a week, I think I can deal with that.

6- I have an amazing future to look forward to with J.

So what is my problem? I have all these awesome things going on and all I can do is get bummed out by stupid things. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Alrighty then...time for lunch and sewing this afternoon.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Five for Friday

Even though I apparently struggle to even blog once a week, I'm back again. Today kind of sucks, I'm not going to lie. The festering wound that is my family dynamic has burst open again. I love my family, and I always will, but it's disheartening when I find out what some people really think about me and it hurts. Today I really wanted to stay home and stay curled up in my bed all day, but I didn't. I got up and went to work to sit at my desk so I don't get in trouble. Although, I'm pretty sure I could have stayed home and no one would have been the wiser. I have 27 days left here, camp starts on Monday and I'm looking forward to at least having that going on so I am not bored out of my mind. It really feels like summer today, 90+ degrees, sunny, humid and I can hear the cicadas going berserk. The only thing I really miss about summer is going barefoot. I can't really do that as I live in a city, but I really love going barefoot outside.

I think this would take longer than I would like to make, but it's just so bright and cheery. Just what I need on a day like today.

I found this quote earlier this week and it rings especially true for me.

Remember how I said I missed going barefooted? These are a bit fancy for everyday use, but would be super adorable at a casual outdoor wedding. PS- I walked barefooted a little bit today because my new sneakers rubbed my ankles raw and really hurt. Hence the missing going barefooted thing.

Whenever I am having a down day, I just go to youtube and watch this video and laugh a lot. What a funny video.