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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm sorry...

For those of you who do read this blog, I should apologize. See, I have this problem. I forget to blog. It's a hassle really. There are weeks that I go without thinking about recording what's been going on, sharing my troubles, venting to the universe (a therapy I highly recommend, otherwise one may sink into despair and burst out in tears for no apparent reason), or just sharing something interesting. So I'm my what, three readers? ;-)

It's early August now, winter is fading away and I can't wait until I don't have to wear a jacket at the theatre for work. Speaking of the theatre, that's where most of my news is at. I recently started being paid a stipend (read it: less than 30 USD a week) for the work I do there. I really do keep the theatre running so it's a small step...and who knows maybe sometime they might actually be able to pay me hourly. HA. I started teaching a class at the Indie with Laura, though with Laura's commitment to direct a show in October, I will be doing the brunt of the work for this class. I'm ok with that though. We are writing up an adaptation of Dr. Seuss's The Lorax for a production in early October for our class to perform. The last week has been pretty shaky in regards to the course, but I think we've got our feet sorted and are ready to start walking with it. We, Laura and I, also decided that the show we're directing in December will be Lend Me A Tenor...seeing as it's a 6-door farce (literally needs 6 doors) and the Indie stage is smaller than the Factory Theatre stage at GC, this should be interesting! We may have bitten off more than we can chew with this one, but ce la vie! It's the show we picked, and so we gotta finish what we started.

The last three weeks I have been watching Elijah full-time while Laura is working a winter camp for a visiting group of Japanese students. There are days when I wonder who has the raw end of the stick....nevermind, I'm certain it's not me! While yes, it is more difficult having Elijah all day long and still trying to get my own work done, it's not nearly as bad as the stories Laura has shared with me! I know she'd rather be home with Elijah all day instead, but she's nearly done with it. Elijah and I got off to a rough start when Laura and Luke went back to work. He decided it was completely ok to hit me all the time, and only me. Took us over a week, but it's fixed now. He doesn't hit me nearly as much and as soon as he does and I reprimand him, he's prostrate with embarrasment. Seriously. He goes down on the floor and hides his face for a bit. Then he gets up and says sorry by kissing me. Ohhhh, that one's trouble, I'm telling you now!

My goal of selling my clothing and jewelry has hit a stalemate...I haven't been at the market since my first try, but I think it'll be better to try in the spring and summer instead. Here's hoping. Otherwise, I'll just be sending a bunch of pieces of clothing home that I've made. I'd like to list more on etsy, but I really don't have the funds for it right now.

There's a coffee house opening soon in town, I'm keeping my eye on it, so as soon as I see some movement (well, once the brown paper comes off the windows) I'm going to drop in and talk about some work. It's in downtown and coffee-making is my back-up plan in life apparently. Haha. I'm hoping to make it the rest of this year here (until April) and I would like to make it without the financial support of my family, but I know they are there and have always been willing to help me out when needed. It just happens to be a lot more often recently that my needs have been greater. I love them for it and know that I will repay them someday for this. It's what families do for each other. I guess it's just a good thing I have a lot of family! haha.

I think I'll leave you with that, and don't be sad if it takes me yet another month to post on here!

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