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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

purpose and determination...

I feel like I am an extraordinary lazy person. I really think that most days. I do what I need to and then after that I just veg out with a book or a film. That's what I do. But being like this is just hugely depressing, so I decided to refocus my free time and give myself a purpose with my blog. It was all Laura's thoughts really that has brought this about. Laura recently canceled her blog in order to figure out what she should focus on with her writing, and well, that got me thinking.

So I want to continue sewing and I spend a lot of time doing that anyway, but I don't really challenge myself with it. I do what I know how to do and just do what's easy. Not anymore. I know I am better than a simple shift dress or a skirt. I know I am, because I've done it before. So each week I'll take on a new project and then my blog will share the results of that project and what I've learned from it or ya know, whatever I feel like writing about it!

This week's challenge was a wallet. I spent several hours online looking for patterns and instructions to attempt a wallet construction. I found a great tutorial from That*Darn*Cat (another blog) and decided that was the one I wanted to do. Below you can see the finished product. I do like my wallet quite a bit even though the pockets are a bit crooked and the snap isn't quite's my first and it's my own, so it's ok!

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