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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Good review and show opening...

So Freeload finally opened. Just when I thought I'd never get everything I had to do finished for it, I did. Of course, that means I didn't sleep much the last week or so! But it all got finished and the show opened Thursday to a rave review (I'm not kidding on that part...we got a GREAT review in the local paper here). The show is awesome, the actors do a spectacular job and the tech just tries to stay on top of their cues! Trust me, there's a lot of light/sound/video cues in this show! It's just nutty. I should know, I'm running lights.

Today I did the one thing I've been dreading...I checked my bank account balance. Yikes. This is what happens when I don't have a paying job. It's sad, the state of my bank account. I'm hoping that someone will call me in regards to the dozen or so CVs I've dropped off. Someone, somewhere has got to hire me! Quickly too, I might add. I desperately need a job. It's a gnawing worry on me now. I just don't see how I can make it without a job that pays me. I have to make some money here! And whoring myself out on the street corner is really NOT an option (this is the one suggestion I get most often from my brothers...I know they're joking though). So send some good karma my way folks and hopefully it'll work out that I get some work soon!

My friend Kowoon was visiting us for a couple days this week. We used to teach together in Korea way back in 2006 and haven't seen each other since she left SK. Who would've thought we'd end up in the same country again? It was lovely to see her and spend some time with an old friend. I'm hopefully going to make a trip down to Christchurch and spend some time there with her and her family there. Hopefully soon, but you never know.

I'll put up some pictures from her visit soon, but just not now. I've got to head into town to work for a bit at the theatre trying to sort something out and then I'll be home until I work the show tonight. Until next time.

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carolyn sue said...

don't whore yourself out!!! i'll lend you the money!!! :)

glad the show was a success and goodluck with the job hunt!