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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Shop Days: Holiday Shopping

I know, I know. Where have I been? Well, I've been working my patootie off with my job, a few days of depression and general moaning and a serious case of hayfever. I'm on two different hayfever meds and hoping that the combination works to kick butt, but so far, it's just barely tolerable with the two medications going.

Moving on though, today is December 1st.

I do love Christmas. As testament to that, I decorated our house two weeks ago and have pretty much listened to Christmas music nonstop since then. So for all you lovelies still looking for Christmas presents (goodness knows I still am), I have a little treat for you. For the entire month of December you can get one of two treats from my online shop. I am offering either free shipping in NZ or 15% off the total cost (for those of you abroad).

For free shipping in NZ, enter the code HAPPYHOLS.

For 15% off, enter the code HAPPYHOLS15.

Here's a super special one though- share this post on social media to get both codes applicable to a purchase. Keep an eye out for new items to be added daily (as I finish sewing them) and share, share, share!

Doodlebug Designs Shop

Merry Christmas, little elves.

I love nutcrackers.

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